Written by Mike

Esurance got its start in December 1999 when the company launched its website while also writing personal auto insurance in four states. Along with being one of the early adopters of online auto insurance, its website was one of the first to offer a quote comparison tool – allowing consumers to see how much they would spend with other insurance companies.

In 2000, Esurance was acquired by White Mountains Insurance Group. Eleven years later in May of 2011, the company sold the Esurance brand, along with Answer Financial, to Allstate for an estimated $1 billion.

What they Do

Esurance sells auto insurance online and over the phone direct to consumers. The currently offer services to approximately 90 percent of the United States population, spanning 34 states.

At this time, Esurance has roughly 850,000 active policies. Despite the fact that the company does not sell insurance in 16 states, they still offer consumers in these areas the ability to use their online system to compare rates from other providers.

Along with auto insurance, Esurance has partnered with Progressive and Safeco to provide home and motorcycle insurance among other personal lines.

Esurance has 15 offices nationwide, with its main headquarters in San Francisco, California. They currently employ 1,9000 people.

Esurance Advantages

There are many reasons why the Esurance brand continues to grow. With multiple advantages, consumers continue to turn to this company despite growing industry competition.

1. Esurance sells direct to consumers via the internet. This allows the consumer to purchase a policy online, on his or her own time, without having to deal directly with an agent.

Note: telephone support is available for those who would rather speak with a live person when purchasing a policy.

2. One of the best web experiences in the industry. Esurance started out as a pioneer in the world of online auto insurance – they have stayed true to their roots. In addition to being user friendly, the Esurance website allows potential customers to quickly receive a rate quote. Along with this, the Esurance quote can be compared to those from other companies.

3. Lower than average pricing. Generally speaking, Esurance premium rates are lower than the competition. This may not always hold true, but they are typically competitive.

4. Great customer support. Many people shy away from buying car insurance from an online provider because they worry about not having a dedicated agent. With Esurance this is never a concern. The company has excellent customer support, both when buying a policy and making a claim.

5. Real insurance cards. Along with the ability to print temporary cards online, Esurance will mail you a “real” permanent card. Many online companies have avoided this as a way of saving money. While there is nothing wrong with this cost cutting measure, having a real insurance card gives you a better sense of security.


Even when Esurance was standing on its own, the company was a great choice for affordable car insurance. Now that they are part of Allstate, their reputation has grown to new heights.

As far as online auto insurance companies are concerned, Esurance continues to be an industry leader.