Insuring Your Ride

Auto insurance is a type of policy that takes care of you financially in the event of an accident or car trouble.

US states require drivers to have some level of auto coverage. Some are more stringent than others when it comes to having a specific type of coverage.

Types of Coverage:

1. Liability – the most basic policy. This protects you against losses when you are at fault in an accident.
2. Property Damage Liability – This covers for damages to other people’s property caused by your vehicle, whether you are the one driving it or not. Property may refer to another vehicle, a lamppost, a mailbox, etc.
3. Bodily Injury Liability – This pays for injuries caused to someone else, whether you are driving your own car or not.
4. Comprehensive – This coverage will pay for car theft and car damage due to accidents or natural causes like hail, snow, etc.
5. Collision – This pays for damages when you collide with another vehicle or some other object.
6. Personal Injury Protection – This pays for your medical treatment, as well as that of your passengers, when you get into an accident.

There are several aspects that can lower auto premiums such as a safe driving record, good grades, defensive driving classes, age and credit score. Below is a personalized list of car insurance companies that offer coverage in your area. Click the links to get pricing for your needs or for more company information.

List of Auto Insurance Companies

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