The Best New Car Technology for Older Drivers

Written by Mike

Vehicles in today’s world come equipped with the best technology. Do you want a car that can park itself? Check. How about one with a voice-activated system? Check.

While new car technology is beneficial to drivers of all ages, there are particular features that are perfect for the older generation. Not only do they make life easier for these people but they also go a long way in improving overall safety.

Here are five of the best technology based features for older drivers:

1. Emergency Response System

For example, GM has the OnStar system that offers assistance to the driver at the push of a button. No matter if you are lost and need directions, have been in an accident, or need emergency medical assistance, this type of system can save the day.

2. Reverse Monitoring System

Older drivers often times have a difficult time backing up – even when there is plenty of space behind their vehicle. With a reverse monitoring system, this is never again a challenge. The driver has the ability to see any objects that may be behind the vehicle. This makes it easy to backup without ever having to turn around and just the distance.

3. Blind Spot Warning System

With this system installed, drivers will be notified when an object is in their blind spot. This is a great feature for those who spend a lot of time driving on the highway. Additionally, it comes in handy for the older generation who may have a limited range of motion. Forget about contorting your neck to check your blind spot. Instead, you can rely on the audio and/or visual cues given by your vehicle.

4. Assisted Parking System

As noted above, there are now vehicles that can do the parking for you. All you have to do is sit back and be amazed. There are many benefits to the older driver. To start, you don’t have to be concerned with banging into the cars around you (or curb). Secondly, you can cut back on the stress associated with parking. And finally, this will increase the number of places that you are able to park.

5. Voice Activated System

Taking your eyes off the road, regardless of the reason, is never a good idea. With a voice-activated system, every aspect of the vehicle can be controlled with nothing but your voice. This includes the stereo, climate control, and phone calls. For older drivers, this is a convenience and safety feature that should not be overlooked.

There is no denying that older drivers often times have a difficult time navigating the roadways. Fortunately, technology has advanced to the point where there are many features that can help drivers in this age group.

When shopping for a new car, consider the five features above as well as any others that will make your life easier. It may take some time to learn the ins and outs of each feature, but in the long run you will enjoy the added convenience and enhanced safety.

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