Automotive Technology that can Keep You Safe, Save You Money

Written by Mike

Many people long for the old days, when cars were not tricked out with a variety of high tech devices. While you may have enjoyed the automotive industry of yesteryear, there are some reasons to be excited about the advancements in technology. Above all else, you should realize that technology can help keep you safe while also saving you money. What more could you want?

Here are five features that rely heavily on technology and can go a long way in ensuring your safety while helping you save:

1. GPS System

These are becoming more and more popular with each passing day. There used to be a time when a GPS system was nothing more than an unpopular, expensive option. Those days are long gone. In the future, car manufacturers will likely turn this into a standard feature.

With a GPS system you never have to worry about getting lost and ending up in the wrong part of town. Additionally, it can help keep you on track no matter where you are going. This will save you a lot of money on gas.

2. Blind Spot Detection

Have you ever attempted to change lanes, not knowing that somebody is in your blind spot? If this happens, you will be lucky to avoid an accident – unless you have blind spot detection technology in your vehicle.

With this, you will be alerted if another car is in your blind spot. This will help you avoid an accident. Subsequently, you won’t have to deal with a higher insurance premium or the risk of injury.

3. You Talk and Your Car Listens

A growing number of vehicles are coming equipped with vehicle recognition capabilities. This technology is going a long way in helping to cut back on the number of on road accidents. Rather than hold your cell phone or dial it manually, you can use your voice to connect with others. All the while, your eyes will stay on the road.

4. Hybrid Cars are All the Rage

With gas prices continuing to rise, more people are looking into car pooling, public transportation, and of course, hybrid vehicles. In fact, some cars like the Nissan Leaf are 100 percent electric. Talk about a great way to save money. The hybrid car trend is not one that will die off anytime soon. It is here to stay.

5. Can Your Car Park Itself?

This may sound dangerous. However, it is growing in popularity. This is known throughout the industry as an Intelligent Parking Assist System (IPAS). It is available on some Ford, Toyota, and Lexus models with other manufacturers following closely behind. Forget about being forced to parallel park on your own. If the conditions are right, you can let your car takeover with the press of a single button.

Now how do you feel about automotive technology? These advancements can keep you out of harm’s way, save you money, and make it much more convenient every second you are behind the wheel.

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