Don’t Say These Things After Being Pulled Over

Written by Mike

Imagine this: you are driving down the road and you see police lights in your rearview mirror. Did they get me? Was it somebody else? Everyday, thousands of people get pulled over throughout the United States. Some are hit with a moving violation while others are let go with just a warning.

Once you see the lights and the cop pulls up behind you, it is time to make your way to the side of the road. Within a minute or so, the police officer will be at your window and the “real fun” begins.

While you may be tempted to throw around excuses and give the cop attitude, you are better off complying and being as friendly as possible.

Here are five things you never want to say after being pulled over:

1. What Will it Take For Me To Get Out of This Ticket?

You may be tempted to say this, but bribing a police officer can land you in hot water. This is a major no-no. If you do this, you could find yourself with a moving violation as well as an arrest – depending on how far your push the envelope.

2. You Don’t Know What You Are Talking About

It is natural to be frustrated upon being pulled over. Of course, this doesn’t give you the right to be angry and accuse the officer of not doing his or her job.

3. Who Is Your Boss?

This may work when you call the utility company about a costly fee, but it is not going to benefit you when speaking with a police officer. Nobody wants to feel threatened and that is exactly what you are doing when you say this. You are giving off the impression that you are going to “turn in” the officer to their supervisor.

4. But I Didn’t Do Anything Wrong

There is a big difference between this and saying “what did I do wrong?” With the former, you are more or less saying that the officer is wrong. With the latter, you are openly stating that you are unsure of the law that you broke.

5. Crying

This may not be something you say with words, but crying is not typically going to get you anywhere. In fact, this will make you look like a fool. As you can imagine, police officers have seen pretty much everything. This includes pretty women attempting to cry as a means of escaping a ticket. You are better off not shedding a single tear!

Rather than resort to one of the five statements or actions above, you should do the following:

  • Act in a friendly and respectful manner
  • Answer all the questions that are asked of you as honestly and accurately as possible
  • Provide the officer with the appropriate information, including your registration and insurance card

You have a much better chance of being let go with a warning when you follow these tips. There is no guarantee, but you are definitely giving yourself a better chance of escaping a ticket and fine.

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