10 Expensive Cars That Break The Bank to Insure

Written by Mike

Yesterday we covered 10 popular vehicles that are relatively cheap to insure. Today, let’s take a closer look at the opposite end of the spectrum.

Here are 10 vehicles that will cost on average more than $2,500/year to insure:

Audi R8 Spyder Quattro Convertible

Price: $195-210K

Mercedes CL600 Coupe

Price: $147-158K

Porsche Panamera Turbo

Price: $139-176K

BMW 760i

Price: $140K

Porsche 911 Turbo Convertible

Price: $149K

Jaguar XKR Supercharged Convertible

Price: $103K

Audi A8 L Quattro

Price: $124-133K

Mercedes SL550 Convertible

Price: $98-105K

Nissan GT-R Coupe Turbo

Price: $100-106K

Mercedes S63 AMG

Price: $129-139K

As you can see, all of the vehicles on this list are considered to be either a sports car or a luxury car. Either way, it is easy to realize two things: you can drive these cars very fast and they cost a lot of money to repair. When you consider both of these details, it is easy to see why they make this list. While they are expensive, most don’t make the make the list for the most expensive cars to insure.  However, you are more likely to see one of these on the road from time to time.

The thing about insuring high end cars is that consumers that can buy them in the first place often don’t care about how much it will cost to insure. They know what they want and are wiling to pay for it. Of course, there are more people who are frugal with their money and interested in saving as much as possible. Do you fit into this group?

If you are looking to save on the cost of auto insurance, consider one of the 10 vehicles on the first list. You may feel more comfortable with your budget upon buying a car that is cheap to insure.

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