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  • 1.
    How Fast Do You Drive?

    Come to find out, fast drivers tend to get more speeding tickets and into more accidents. Crazy Right?
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  • 2.
    How Many Years Have You Been Driving?

    Experience matters! The longer you have been driving, the less risky you are to insurance companies.
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  • 3.
    How Many Driving "Incidents" Have You Had In the Past 5 Years?

    By incidents we're talking about traffic violations such as speeding tickets, fender benders and DWIs.
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  • 4.
    Are You A Guy or a Gal?

    Sorry guys, statistics show women are safer drivers overall.
    It may not seem all that fair, but insurance companies will always side with the numbers.

    8 questions remaining.
  • 5.
    How Old Are You?

    The numbers are in! Drivers under 25 are riskier to insurance companies.
    Drivers 50 to 65 are as safe as they come.

    7 questions remaining.
  • 6.
    Do You Currently Have Car Insurance?

    The fact that another party has decided to insure you adds an extra layer of
    comfort for insurance companies.

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  • 7.
    Do You Own a Home?

    Home owners get a little benefit from insurers.
    If you own a home you also have a greater opportunity to lower your rates by combining
    your auto and home policies with the same company.

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  • 8.
    How Fancy Is Your Ride?

    An inexpensive car will cost less to insure than a high end luxury car with all the bells and whistles.
    4 questions remaining.
  • 9.
    What is Your Credit Score?

    In some states insurance companies will look at your credit score to assess risk and insurance rates.
    3 questions remaining.
  • 10.
    Do You Own More Than 1 Vehicle?

    There can be some cost benefits to insuring more than 1 vehicle with your insurance company.
    2 questions remaining.
  • 11.
    How Many Miles Do You Drive Per Day (Average)?

    The more miles you log behind the wheel the higher opportunity there is for a ticket or accident.
    1 questions remaining.