Low Cost Home Insurance Add-ons (That Keep You From Being Exposed)

Written by Mike

Unless you’re a politician, the most expensive purchase you’re likely to make in your lifetime is that of your home.  Pulling the trigger on such a major purchase can be enough to interrupt your sleep cycle, but there are some low-cost add-ons that can enhance your coverage, give you peace of mind, and enable you to sleep through the night without worrying yourself to death every time you hear something go “bump” in the night.

Earthquake Insurance

You may think you only need earthquake insurance if you live along a major fault line.  While this coverage is critical if you live in an area at risk of suffering cataclysmic losses in the event of a major earthquake, it’s becoming increasingly important for millions of other homeowners to at least consider this coverage in other areas as well.  For reasons known only to Mother Nature, new, previously undetected fault lines are turning up with regularity.  It’s possible to provide peace of mind for as little as a few dollars per month.

Flood Insurance

Whether due to global warming, global cooling, sunspots, or freaks of nature, flooding rains can and do take place in unusual areas.  As long as you don’t live on a flood plain or in the middle of a swamp, this coverage can be added for almost no cost.  Many people question the wisdom of insuring against a loss that has almost zero statistical likelihood of happening, but unusual things happen every day.  Statistically speaking you have almost no chance of being struck in the head and killed by a flowerpot falling from a windowsill in New York City, but it’s happened before – and it probably will again.  By protecting yourself just in case the inconceivable does take place, it’s possible to protect your home and know that no matter what happens, your home will be protected.

Sewer Backup Insurance

Cities and towns across America spend a ton of money trying to keep their sewer systems flowing freely, but despite their best efforts, raw sewage can sometimes back up.  When the backup is severe, it has to go somewhere.  In the event that it backs up into the drains in the lower levels of your home – or through your toilet – the mess left behind can be atrocious.  In addition to odor problems, carpeting and furnishings are at risk of being ruined.  Sewer backup insurance can offset the cost of bringing in a hired gun to detoxify your home and get the sewage running in the correct direction again.

Other Riders to Consider

Depending upon your lifestyle, there are a bevy of other optional insurance add-ons that can protect your home or your property.  For instance, many homeowners have rare art, book collections, or collectibles that can’t easily be replaced in the event of loss in a fire, a break-in, or some other reason.  By exploring your options and covering all of the bases, it is possible to ensure that there is a solution on hand to help you to recover from almost any loss.

Life is unpredictable; assessing your risk doesn’t have to be.  By spending a few dollars that could very well be stuck in seat cushions, it’s highly probable that there is no calamity that could befall you that you can’t purchase insurance coverage to protect against.

Using your imagination and thinking of some of the doomsday-style events that could render your home without value, it’s possible to give yourself the confidence necessary to permit uninterrupted slumber.  Then you can spend a little more time thinking about what could happen to your car while your teenager has it at the mall on a Saturday night.

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