10 Easy Ways to Save Money on Home Insurance

Written by Mike

Are you tired of overpaying for home insurance? Are you interested in saving some money, even if only a little bit?  The good news is that there are many steps you can take to ensure that you are saving as much money as possible.

Here are 10 easy ways to cut back on the cost of this expense.

1. Compare Your Many Options

It has been said time and time again, but is worth noting: no two home insurance companies are the same. When you shop around you will soon find yourself closing in on the right policy at the right price.

2. Increase Your Deductible

Although this will mean more money out of pocket if you make a claim, until then a higher deductible will allow you to save money. Home insurance deductibles start at $250. However, you don’t have to stick with this number. Increasing your deductible to $500 or $1,000 could save you up to 25 percent.

3. Take Advantage of a Multi-Policy Discount

Are you buying your home insurance from the same company as your car insurance? If not, consider making a change. This is by far one of the quickest and easiest ways to save money.

4. Increase Safety and Security at Home

Do you have a burglar alarm? How about smoke detectors? Believe it or not, a high-end home security system could save you 10 percent or more each year. Make sure your insurance company is well aware of the security features that you have in place.

5. Ask About Discounts

Just like your car insurance company, there are discounts associated with a home insurance policy. Is your home in close proximity to a fire hydrant? Are you a senior citizen? Have you been a customer for an extended period of time? Answering yes to any of these questions could lead to a discount.

6. Complete an Annual Review

Your policy may need adjusted from one year to the next. That being said, if you never review your policy you won’t know if this is the case. It only takes a few minutes to review your policy. If you find something that needs changed, contact your agent at once.

7. Setup Direct Debit

Did you know that some home insurance companies charge less if your premium is automatically debited from your account? Ask about this – it could save you a few dollars every month.

8. Don’t Buy More Coverage Than You Need

There is no denying that you want to protect your home. This is one of the biggest investments you will ever make. With this in mind, there is no reason to buy more coverage than you actually need. Ask your insurance agent for an honest assessment of your situation. You may find that you are paying too much because you have too much coverage.

9. Your Credit History Counts

Believe it or not, many insurance companies will check your credit history and adjust your premium based on their findings. This is not allowed in all states, but when legal it is often times taken advantage of.

10. Shop Online

Do you remember the days when calling agents on the phone was your only option? In today’s world, shopping online allows you to save money and time.

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