Protection For Those Who Love You

Life insurance is a product that people purchase to protect their family from financial problems in the event of one’s death. For example, if the father, who is the breadwinner of the family suddenly dies due to an accident or some illness, his life insurance policy will pay for his funeral, and his family will receive a monetary benefit based on the premium of the policy. The payout, of course, depend on the kind of coverage purchased.

Types of Coverage:

1. Term – With a term policy, a premium is purchased for pre-defined duration (e.g. 15 years). This type of policy only pays a death benefit if the policy holder dies prior to the expiration of the policy. In the event that the policy holder out lives the 15-year term the policy expires. Unlike other types of life policies term coverage is not an investment vehicle.

2. Permanent – With permanent coverage, there is no fixed duration. You continuously pay your premiums until the day you die. The benefit of this type of policy is that you can borrow or get a cash value of what you have paid in and use it for your child’s education or pay for a retirement home. Whole and universal life policies are both types of permanent life insurance.

To learn more about life coverage, we have provided below a list of companies that serve your area below. Just click on the links to request a quote or get additional information.

List of Life Insurance Companies

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