Coverage To Keep You Feeling Your Best

Health insurance is a policy that pays for medical consultations, medicine, hospital stays, surgery, medical tests, and other health-related expenses.

You may purchase your own health insurance plan, or possibly get coverage through your employer. In the US, most large companies offer some form of health coverage for full-time workers as an employee benefit. Most Americans who have a policy obtain it from their employer.

A basic plan pays for:
– Emergency services
– Medical consultations
– Medical tests, such as pap smears and blood tests
– Medical procedures, such as endoscopy and surgery
– Prescription drugs

Depending on the policy the insured may be responsible for no out of pocket expenses, a co-pay, a percentage of the bill, or the full rate until a deductible or an out of pocket max is reached.

Below is a list of health insurance companies serving your area. Click on the links to request a quote or more information regarding coverage specifics.

List of Health Insurance Companies

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