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Did you know the majority of Americans pay too much for auto insurance?
This can be avoided by comparing multiple rate quotes every 18-24 months.

As you gain more experience driving you typically become less of a risk to insurance companies and can be eligible for much lower rates. This is especially true if you have not had any accidents or tickets in the past year.

Why People Pay Too Much For Car Insurance

The reason people pay too much for their insurance is that gathering and comparing multiple insurance quotes has traditionally been very tedious and time consuming.

The process of searching for and contacting local agents, national carriers and independent brokers for as few as 5 quotes can take days to achieve manually. Because of this most people just don’t take time out of their busy schedules to shop auto insurance when it is actually the best way to achieve the quality, yet cheap, car insurance coverage they want.

The Solution To Save Time

InsuranceCompanies.net is your best solution for saving money on auto insurance. With a few minutes and one simple form we do the work that has traditionally taken many hours, if not days. Simply submit your basic information and driving situation and you will get multiple actionable quotes from local agents, national carriers as well as local insurance brokers.

Compare the quotes and go with the best option or use the quotes to negotiate a better rate with your current provider. Using our marketplace format is quick, easy, and can save your hundreds of dollars a year right now!

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InsuranceCompanies.net matches consumers with top US insurance carriers, agents and brokers. We are not licensed insurance providers and do not sell insurance policies.

Rates are factored by insurance companies according to coverage requirements, the vehicle insured, driving record, age, credit score, location and various other variables. Lowest rates are based on ideal conditions. We can not guarantee consumers will be able to attain a lower insurance rate.