College Students and Health Insurance – Why Coverage is Necessary

Written by Mike

Although most college students have health insurance, there is a growing number who are taking to the dorms without any coverage. This may not sound like a big deal – especially if you are one of those with a policy – but it is actually a problem that is growing out of control.

It is a myth that college students don’t need health insurance because they are relatively healthy. Despite the fact that this may be the case, there could definitely come a time when seeking medical treatment is necessary.

Here are four situations that prove why it is important for every college student to have some level of medical insurance coverage:

1. A Night of Binge Drinking Leads to a Stay in the Hospital

As crazy as this sounds, it is reality for many students. Nobody wants to end up in this position, but it happens time and time again.

2. College Students Get Into Fights

You never know what is going to happen when you head to a party or a nightclub for the evening. If a fight breaks out, even if you are not involved, there is a chance that you could be injured. Fortunately, most fights are minor scuffles that are broken up before they become serious. That being said, this is not always the case.

A fight could lead to everything from broken bones to severe lacerations and much more. Seeking immediate medical treatment is a must.

3. A Silly Prank Leads to an Injury

College students love to pull pranks on one another. Unfortunately, many of these go too far and result in injury. The worse part of the whole thing is that the victim never sees the prank coming. You could be living your life, 100 percent healthy one second, just to fall prey to a prank and find yourself injured. It may be an accident but it does not change the fact that you will need to seek medical attention.

4. Lots of Time Around Other People

For this reason, there is a much better chance of contracting the flu or another type of virus. Most of the time, you can treat this with a lot of rest, plenty of fluids, and over the counter medication. However, if you take a turn for the worse you don’t want to avoid the doctor. This is the only true way to diagnose your condition and receive the best possible treatment.

Are you a college student? Are you the parent of a college student? If you answered yes to either of these questions, do yourself a favor and take notice of the situations above.

Year after year, college students all over the United States find themselves injured or sick. Those with medical insurance have a much easier time not only recovering but also dealing with the financial impact.

Before the fall semester begins, take the time to assess your health insurance coverage and make any necessary changes.

Final word of advice: any coverage, even a high deductible policy, is better than nothing at all.