5 Careers that Scare Life Insurance Companies

Written by Mike

When buying life insurance, one word will come up time after time: risk. In other words, it is the job of your life insurance company to determine your risk while attempting to calculate your life expectancy.

Do you work in a dangerous career field? If so, you are going to find it more challenging to buy life insurance. In fact, you may find it impossible if you work a job that is even moderately dangerous.

Below are five careers that are going to make it difficult to buy a policy:

1. Asbestos Removal

If your job is to remove asbestos from old buildings you know that you are taking a big health risk. Sure, you are using the required safety equipment but even then there is a big risk involved.

2. Pilot

Although you have no plan of ever crashing, your life insurance company is not going to feel the same way. Since you are regularly taking to the sky, you are seen as a higher risk than those who spend their time on the ground.

3. Zookeeper

This may not be a “common” career, but there are thousands of people all over the country who work in this capacity. As fun and rewarding as this career path can be, it is safe to say that you are taking a risk with your life. Anytime you are in close proximity to dangerous animals you are taking a risk.

4. Building Demolition

Do you find yourself demolishing buildings as part of your job description? Again, this can be a lot of fun if this is the type of work that you enjoy. It is also quite risky anytime you blow something up, even if you are extremely careful.

5. Firefighter

There are not many careers more rewarding than a firefighter. You have the chance to help save people as well as their personal property. But as you know, every time you rush into a burning building you are taking a big risk with your life. You never know when something bad could happen.

In addition to these five careers, there are others that will throw fear into the heart of your life insurance agent including: policeman, circus acrobat, and coal miner.

Should I Lie?

Before you ever shop for life insurance you know if your job is dangerous. You know if you are risking your life everyday. For this reason, you may be tempted to lie on your application.

As tempting as this may be, you never want to actually move forward on this thought. If you do so and end up dying on the job, your death benefit will not be paid. In turn, your family will be left in a bad financial situation.

Rather than lie, there are two things you can do to find and buy an affordable policy:

  • Compare several life insurance quotes with hopes of finding a company that does not believe you are too much of a risk
  • Opt for a lesser amount of coverage as a means of decreasing your premium

Although you may love your career, a dangerous job will almost always lead to a higher life insurance premium.

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